Gone (Wake #3) Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity #10)

I sigh, close my eyes, and settle against him. To stay here, in this moment, doesnt sound so bad. His arms tighten around me, he shifts, and puts a hand under my chin, tilts my face up. And I open my eyes, his are closer now, he leans forward. My heart flutters, beating faster once again even though Ive stopped running. His eyes intent on mine like that other day when I thought he was going to kiss me, but all he wanted to do was talk about Tori.

I stood up and pulled gently on her arm. Delilah. You need to let Linus get you to safety. I looked back at him. You do know how to get the refugees out of here, right?He nodded, wiping at the tears in his eyes. Yes. Ember showed me. I know what I need to do.

Good. I need you to take Delilah out of here and keep her safe. I turned back to Delilah, since she still hadnt gotten up, and I pulled her to her feet. I put my hands on her face, forcing her to look at me. Listen to me, Delilah. I know this is hard, but Ember died so that you could live. So you need to live. You have to pull yourself together, and follow Linus out of here. Do you understand me?She tried to stop her tears and nodded. Yes.Good. I took Embers sword and handed it to Delilah, since Linus already had his own. Move quickly and stay safe. I looked from one of them to the other. Both of you.

I will, Linus assured me. Ill finish what Ember and I started.He stood up tall, looking more confident than I had ever seen him before, and I hoped I was doing the right thing, leaving him to protect the thing that meant the most in the world to Ember. But I had trust that shed trained him right and he could do this.

Linus took Delilahs hand and led her out the front door, looking for the quickest escape route to the front gate, where Finn could lead them to. And that meant I was alone with Astrid.

I turned back to face her, and she flinched. She hadnt moved from where shed been before, with her back pressed against the wall.Theres nothing wrong with dancing either. Ridley moved so he was standing in front of me, forcing me to look at him. Come on. Why dont you dance with me?

Were working, I replied quickly, making him smirk.Its a party, and everyones dancing. And as the Rektor, I am your boss. He held out his hand to me.

So this is an order? I asked, eyeing his outstretched hand and hating how tempted I was to take it.If I say no, will you still dance with me? he asked.