Don't Look Back Room for Just a Little Bit More (Cranberry Inn #2.5)

I lifted a corner of my eye cover and Eli gave me a wolfish grin. He’d been in combat in places where maybe he shouldn’t have been sent. The government wasn’t always true to international law. I pushed the gel pack away and sat up, ignoring the spears that lanced through my brain and throbbed like a heavy metal band of agony. Eli was watching me. I blinked and forced my eyes to focus together.

Gavriel stood and pulled out his cell phone as Aiden made the call to his father, requesting a meeting.Anne went to him. "I'm not going to ask if you'll be safe, because I know you won't be. But I am going to make you promise to come back."

Kendrick stood and pulled her close. "Not even death could keep me from you," he whispered in her ear.Grinning, she pulled back. "I know you meant that to sound romantic, but after all these talks about souls and mummies, it was kinda creepy.""I can always rely on you to keep me grounded." He kissed her forehead.

"I'll be waiting right here for you to come back. That means you walking up those stairs unhurt and very much warm and alive. None of this 'not even death could stop me' stuff." She shuddered. "You know how I feel about zombies.""You have my word," he vowed.

Aiden tucked his phone away. "Gamma will be here in five minutes. Let's get our gear on."

Kendrick kissed her forehead again and joined the men as they headed to the door.Meryn grinned. "That's what I call her." She looked down at her phone. "On that note, I better head to the office. My minions await."

"Jaxon Darrow and Noah Calloway. They're learning about programming languages and computer science to assist the units. We don't use nearly enough technology."Kendrick held up a hand. "Before you go, I just have one question..." He took another sip of coffee. "How long has Lycaonia been covered with the stench of black magic?"

Everyone stared at him in shock. Aiden finally shook his head. "What do you mean, covered in black magic? The city is as it has always been. We don't deal in black magic in Lycaonia."Kendrick sat back. "Someone has. There's a fine layer of black magic grime everywhere. I noticed it the second I entered the city's boundaries."