Moon Spell (The Tale of Lunarmorte #1) The Marcelli Bride (Marcelli #4)

She didnt have a scratch on her since shed healed up entirely last night. Her eyes looked a bit tired, and she clearly wasnt very awake. But otherwise, Gemma looked about the same as she always did.

Good. Harper nodded, as if it solidified things. So we have some kind of plan of action. Thats a good thing.All right, so who am I asking Lydia to look for? Marcy reached over and grabbed a notebook and a pen off Harpers desk. I need to write it down to be sure I get it right. These Greek names are ridiculous.

Demeter, Harper said, then spelled it aloud for her. Any of the muses. I dont know all of their names, but Penn and Theas mothers were Terpsichore and Melpomene.Okay, you need to spell those very slowly, Marcy said.And then their father, Harper said after shed finished spelling the names.

Who is that? Marcy asked.Achelous, Harper answered.

Like the river? Marcy asked.

Harper nodded. Yeah, he was a freshwater god, I think.With her mouth still open in an angry smile, Penns head slid off her torso and fell to the floor with a disturbing splat. A few seconds later, her body collapsed next to it.

Harper! Harper! Daniel shouted, and he slammed into the door again. His shoulder would be bruised after this, but he didnt give a damn.Trapped in the bathroom, hed been unable to see anything or help in any way. The only thing hed relied on had been listening to the sounds of things breaking and people shouting at each other.

But a few minutes ago, everything had gone silent.Just a second, Daniel, Gemma said, and he heard metal groaning.