Mr. Magic Fingers, am I a virgin? Kale, he said with a shudder.

His gray eyes sliced through me, cutting me all the way to my soul. Samantha, if we weren’t about to discuss our deepest secrets, I’d lay you across the table, strip those sexy little capris off your ass, and bury my tongue between your thighs. God knows I’ve thought about it enough. How’s that for friends. Really, it’s more a force of nature, but I’ll settle for you admitting that there’s a pull.

I’m just here to help you. Are you worried about talking to me?I forced myself to look at her, to smile. You seem very nice. I’m just ready to go home and get back to classes.

You want to talk about New Mexico? I know you left there suddenly.My throat got so tight that I didn’t think I could talk if I wanted to. What did she know? What records had she accessed? I would kill to see what had been transferred in the files.You want to tell me about that?

I wanted to say Not really, but that didn’t seem sane or well adjusted. It’s in the past.She touched a finger to her lips, tapping them with a long blue nail. Seems like maybe it’s still troubling you. Did you ever talk to your professor after your altercation?

God, she knew everything. I was asked to apologize.

I wanted to snap, About as well as it goes when you’ve smacked a pregnant woman, but I just shrugged. She handled it okay.I wanted to collar her throat and force her to tell me what was bothering her.

I also wanted to slam her edible body onto the table and shove my cock deep inside her.It was a struggle not to do either of those things. I was obsessed, and I knew it. Knew that it wasn’t good, because I was always intense and aggressive in going after what I wanted. It was never good for someone like me to be obsessive about anything, to want something as badly as I wanted Ava Sanchez.

The reality was that I had absolutely no right to want her. I was tainted and jaded, had too many stains on what was left of my soul. Ava, with her cheery and mischievous nature, couldn’t have been more different from me. To be with her would feel like I was touching something I had no right to touch. Christ knew I’d tarnished enough things in my life.For a short time, it had made me hold back from her. But I was too selfish to be noble and self-sacrificing. I never denied myself what I wanted, and I wouldn’t deny myself Ava. Nor would I settle for a fling. No, we were going to be much more than that. Because I always held tight to what was mine. Whether Ava liked it or not, that was exactly what she was.