All or Nothing at All (Billionaire Builders #3) Bite Club (The Morganville Vampires #10)

I was taking a walk around town and I spotted you working, so I thought I would say hello, Penn said.

So … this is kinda like giving me the key to your place, she said.I think your dad already has a key to my place, Daniel reminded her. He is my landlord.

You know what I mean, Harper said. This is like a step. A bigger commitment.Yeah. He smiled down at her. But Im ready for it.Harper glanced back at his house, where Alex was waiting. Hed turned into a total mess after getting involved with the sirens, and it was only a matter of time before something horrible happened to Daniel.

Not to mention the fact that their date had turned out the same way they always seemed to anymore. Theyd hardly spent any time together since theyd been dating, and with Harper leaving for school soon, they probably wouldnt have that much time left.Those were all the reasons that Harper knew she should say no, that she should turn Daniel down and end things before they got any more complicated.

But somehow she found herself smiling up at him and saying, Okay. Im ready, too.

Right now, standing with him in the moonlight, she just couldnt give him up. Not yet.Why dont we wait until after the full moon then? Daniel suggested. Itll be easier for everyone.

I dont think I can wait that long, Penn whined.He looked over at her. Im giving you forever. Thats what youve asked me for, and Ill do it. Just give me a few more days.

Whatever. You need to hurry up and go through with this before I change my mind. You saw what Liv is capable of, but what she can do is nothing compared to what I have in store for you if you betray me. With that, Penn got up and sauntered off, leaving him alone with Alex, who was giving him the strangest look.What was all that about? Alex asked.