It’s wonderful to have such devotion, Maxon said suddenly. Erik and Patricia come with me.

You healed me? Memories surfaced of soothing faceless voices I thought I had dreamed. I remember hearing your voice...

I threw up my index finger at her and slid into my bedroom, tossing yesterday’s clothes into the hamper and pulling on comfy pj pants and a tank. From the looks of Sam, we weren’t going anywhere today.The chair made a whooshing sound as I plopped my full weight into it, throwing my legs over the arm. Yes. I spent the night with Josh.

Sam squealed and then grimaced, pushing her fingers into her temple. Stupid tequila. Is he as yummy in bed as he looks?The smile that spread across my face may as well have been its own entity for all that I couldn’t contain it. He is perfect. Everything.I’m so freaking jealous!

I laughed. I just can’t believe it happened, you know? I mean, Josh! He makes me forget everything. I don’t need a schedule with him, or a plan, and things can be insane, and wonderful, and out of control because I know he’s not going to let me fall. The words tumbled so quickly from my lips, but Sam interpreted my rant with a gleeful laugh.You love him! She clapped her hands together with a smile that lit the room. You trust him, and for once you’re not molding yourself into whatever some guy wants.

That sweet feeling hit my heart again, like it was reminding me it belonged to Josh. I don’t have to be anyone else. He loves me, and I love him.

She jumped across the coffee table, scattering magazines to the floor, and lunged at me in a bear hug. I’m so happy for you!His words warmed me despite the wind. I should have asked instead of assuming it was off limits.

At the end of the wharf, I walked to the rail and peered down at the foaming waves rushing between the pilings. It was too dark to see much, but I could feel the power of the waves. I’d always been drawn to the ocean, but since my liannan the pull was much stronger. The ocean teemed with so much life and magic it filled me with awe.You’re not planning on jumping, are you?

The teasing question transported me back to the wharf in New Hastings when he’d asked me the same thing. All I’d wanted that day was for him to go away and let my life go back to normal. I’d been so angry and afraid of what he’d stood for, the changes he’d brought with him. Now, I couldn’t imagine him and the others not being in my life.We stood quietly at the rail for a few minutes before he tapped my arm. We should be heading back.